Enpro’s mission is to be a “relentless ally for American manufacturing”. We partner with our customers to optimize their processes by offering the best technology to solve their most challenging problems.  

Below are a few of our 'Success Stories' that illustrate our commitment to this goal. In these situations, Enpro Inc. was able to help these customers increase their profitability by reducing maintenance and operating costs, while simultaneously increasing production.


Amiad Cooling Water Filtration System

A large Midwest tire manufacturer used both open and closed loop cooling water systems to remove heat from various processes in their plant. The plate & frame heat exchangers on both cooling systems were fouling repeatedly from contamination in the water. This repeated fouling negatively impacted the efficiency of the heat exchangers so they could not maintain the desired temperature of the water. Cleaning the heat exchangers was very labor intensive and resulted in significant downtime for the plant. 

After installing the Amiad EBS Automatic Self Cleaning Filtration System, the frequency of cleaning the exchangers as well as the overall maintenance on them was significantly reduced. Tire production increased while downtime used to clean the exchangers was nearly eliminated.

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Pall Oil Purifiers / AmeriChem Water Sensors

A mobile equipment manufacturer uses a number of machine tool centers in their facility to produce various parts. These machining centers use lube oil which is supplied by a common 20,000 gallon reservoir.  

The high water ingression into the lube oil system caused the existing laser particle analyzer to falsely alarm and regularly shut down the machining centers. These forced shut downs were costing the plant an estimated $100k in lost production per month. After installing a Pall Oil Purification System in conjunction with a number of AmeriChem WP1000 water sensors, the machines were able to run longer, which maximized production by eliminating forced shut downs due to false alarms.
The solution Enpro provided resulted in over $500k in savings to the customer. 

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