Flowserve | Control Valves for Steam, Process Fluids, Natural Gas

Founded: 1790 (Simpson & Thompson)

Represented by Enpro: 1971

Headquarters: Irving, TX

Tagline: “Manufactures and Services Fluid Motion Control Solutions for the World's Toughest, Most Critical Applications.”

Flowserve’s history dates back to 1790 in Great Britain as Simpson & Thompson. Over the 200 years of service, Flowserve has been a leader in the industry with over 18,000 employees in 55 countries, solutions around the globe are addressed by Flowserve's team to help customers succeed.

Since 1971 Enpro, Inc. has partnered with Flowserve in reducing expenses, minimizing risk and maximizing performance for customers. A few of the high-quality products to expect from Flowserve are:

  • Automax actuators and positioners
  • Logix positioners
  • NAF swing check valves and tilting disk check valves
  • TMCBV valves (ball valve regulator)
  • Valbart trunnion mounted valve
  • Valtek and Kammer linear globe valves
  • Valtek and NAF butterfly valves
  • Valtek rotary plug valves


Request a quote from Enpro, Inc. to learn more about how to get the best in fluid motion control products and solutions with Flowserve. Visit Flowserve here for more information on their high-end products.