Pall Corporation | Filtration and Separation Equipment, Liquid/Liquid Coalescing

Founded: 1946

Headquarters: Port Washington, New York

Motto: "Better Lives. Better Planet" & "Enabling a Greener, Safer Future."

For over 60 years, Pall Corporation has been a leader in the high-tech filtration, separation and purification industry. Pall Corporation has been recognized for their achievements and legacy in their industry with awards like the Engineering Materials Achievement Award and having Dr. David B. Pall, founder of Pall Corporation, inducted into the National Investors Hall of Fame. Also, every product from Pall Corporation is part of their dedication to protecting the environment and keeping the future “Green”.

In line with Pall Corporation’s “Enabling a Greener, Safer Future” motto, the corporate sustainability program focuses on creating cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly products. Pall is building “green” facilities around the world. Another sustainable effort is from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in which Pall partnered with other companies to keep track of greenhouse gases and analyze the rick of climate change to business.

Enpro, Inc. is proud to provide Pall Corporation’s products and offer customers with the highest quality solutions in fluid management needs. Every Pall Site is certified and is line with international and industry specific standards to give every customer the most consistent products and service. 

Some of the cutting edge solutions from Pall Corporation are:

  • Aerospace – Pall Hospital-Grade HEPA Filters to improve the air quality and remove the dust, allergens and microbes in airplanes
  • Biopharm – Sterile filtration achieved with Pall’s polyethersulfone membrane filters
  • Food & Beverage – Bottled water analysis and filtration optimized for water companies to reduce cost and improve the quality for consumers
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Extending mining equipment lifespan with Ultipleat Diesel Plus Filters and ensuring adherence to the environmental regulations
  • Power & Utilities – Hydroelectric turbines solutions improve the number of power outages and availability of power generating unit

Request a quote from Enpro, Inc. to learn more about how we can give you a tailor-made solution with Pall Corporation products. Visit Pall Corporation here for more information on their filtration, separation and purification offerings.