Pall Corporation | Filtration and Separation Equipment, Liquid/Liquid Coalescing

Founded: 1946

Represented by Enpro: 1961

Headquarters: Port Washington, New York

Motto: "Better Lives. Better Planet" & "Enabling a Greener, Safer Future."

For over 60 years, Pall Corporation has been a leader in the high-tech filtration, separation and purification industry. Pall Corporation's "Enabling a Greener, Safer Future" motto, the corporate sustainability program focuses on creating cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly products. Pall is building "green" facilities around the world.

Since 1961, Enpro has been partnered with Pall Corporation providing customers with the highest quality filtration and separation solutions.

Pall has shown their value in the following industries:

  • Power and Utilities - Without effective filtration, cleanliness cannot be controlled so steam and gas systems are unable to operate at peak efficiencies.
  • Micro-Electronics - Providing filtration, purification and separations solutions for a broad ange of fluids used in the production of semiconductors, displays, data storage and photovoltaic devices.
  • Chemicals and Polymers - High-tech filtration solutions that deliver optimized filtration and separation performance to maximize product quality and minimize downtime for a streamlined operation.
  • Machinery and Equipment - Providing solutions that solve challenges that directly impact operation uptime, maintenance frequency, product quality, life of capital equipment and overall business performance in injection molding, cement, die casting and hydraulic systems.
  • Primary Metals - Providing premium filtration and separation technologies to deliver durable filtration performance with high capacity filters for longer service life to enhance product quality and to reduce the frequency of both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. Utilizing Pall's filtration technologies enhances end product quality while operating costs are dramatically reduced for a direct and positive impact on business performance in fully integrated steel mills, finishing facilities and stamping facilities. 

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