ProtectoSeal | Conservation Breather Vents, Flame and Detonation Arrestors and Tank Blanketing valves

Founded: 1925

Headquarters: Besenville, IL

Motto: “Safety Without Compromise”

Protectoseal is committed to protected their customers with leading safety products to enhance your facility and safeguard your employees. In line with the highly regulated facilities, Protectoseal makes products that are environmentally sensitive and effective. In partnership with Enpro, Inc., solutions for every industry from Protectoseal are customized to maximize efficiency and safety management.

Protectoseal provides solutions, products and applications to the following industries and more:

  • Chemical / PetroChemical – Protectoseal has proven to conserve and control harmful emissions from the production and storage of chemicals
  • Refining – Vapor control equipment from Protectoseal assists with the production, transmission, processing and storage of oil and gas products
  • Alternative Fuels – Protectoseal participates in various industry associations in order to enhance safe and reliable solutions
  • Food/Beverage – Conditions in food and beverage facilities have been improved from Protectoseal’s solutions and products
  • Semiconductor – Protectoseal offers PURE-TECH® products to improve the multi-stage clensing and passivation processes

Enpro, Inc representatives work with Protectoseal to offer you top of the line products such as the following:

  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vents – Protectoseal products reduce evaporation of tank contents into the atmosphere
  • Emergency Pressure Relief Vents – Reducing conditions for a tank rupture is avoided with Protectoseal
  • Tank Blanketing Valves – Protectoseal prevents and controls fired in flammable liquid storage tanks
  • Flame and Detonation Arresters – Protectoseal products Allow vapor to pass through the system under normal conditions and stop flames in emergency situations
  • Safety Shut-Off Valves – Products from Protecoseal are of the highest quality in stopping flammable liquid storage leaks

Request a quote from Enpro, Inc. to learn more about how to incorporate safety solutions from Protectoseal in  your industry and business. Visit Protectoseal here for more on their products and applications.