Protectoseal | Conservation Breather Vents, Flame and Detonation Arrestors and Tank Blanketing Valves

Founded: 1925

Represented by Enpro: 1980

Headquarters: Bensenville, IL

Motto: “Safety Without Compromise”

Protectoseal is committed to protecting their customers with leading safety products to keep their facility and employees safe. Their environmentally safe solutions are customized to maximize efficiency and facilitate safety management for every industry.

Protectoseal applications:

  • Conserve and control harmful emissions from the production and storage of chemicals
  • Manage vapors from the production, transmission, processing, and storage of oil and gas products
  • Provide a positive barrier against the propagation of a flame through a piping system or into a storage tank's vapor space 
  • Prevent the catastrophic rupture of storage tanks 
  • Sense and maintain the pressure in a tank's vapor space with inert or other compatible gases.

Protectoseal's products include:

  • Conservation Breather Vents for both Vacuum and Pressure
  • Pressure Relief Vents 
  • Emergency Pressure Relief Vents
  • Tank Blanketing Valves
  • Flame and Detonation Arresters
  • Safety Shut-Off Valves

Request a quote from Enpro, Inc. to learn more about how to incorporate safety solutions from Protectoseal into your facility. Visit Protectoseal here for more on their products and applications.