VEGA | Liquid & Solid Level Measurement, Radar, Nuclear

Founded: 1950

Headquarters: Schiltach, Germany (Americas - Cincinnati, OH)

Tagline: “Level and pressure instrumentation for the process industry.”

VEGA has been a spearhead in level, switching and pressure management. There are over 1,200 employees worldwide in over 80 countries that develop innovative products and solutions across a variety of industries.  All of the technology from VEGA is not only state-of-the-art, but focused on safety, reliability and ease of installation and use. Accurate measurement data and tools are crucial to any industry and unique solutions from VEGA provide the most long-lasting impact.  

VEGA’s measurement technologies are reliable for every application. Some types of products that Enpro, Inc. provides for solutions from VEGA include:

  • Level – VEGAPULS products measure storage tanks and silos
  • Switching – Point level detection is possible with VEGASWING products
  • Pressure – High-precision readings for gas, vapours, liquids with VEGABAR
  • Density – VEGADIF products provide differential pressure and radiometric information
  • Signal Conditioning – VEGADIS converts digital signals into measure values

All of these measurement products are used across the economy for a wide range of solutions. VEGA has shown their value in applications to the following industries: 

  • Chemical – Point level detection that minimizes risk for storage tanks with highly toxic liquids
  • Energy – Solar heat from heat captured in a mirror system of a thermal solar plant is measured in order to keep the plant safe and profitable
  • Oil and gas offshore – Measuring the levels in the reservoir tank for hydraulic oil to properly replenish the tank and keep up optimal operations
  • Environment/recycling – Human health and environment are protected by level measurement in hazardous waste tanks
  • Pharmaceutical – Treatments require the cultivation of cells or microorganisms and accurate level and pressure measurement for a bioreactor ensures a quality result
  • Water & wastewater – Stormwater retention basin to measure heavy rainfall and drain the water through natural settlement via a water reservoir

Request a quote from Enpro, Inc. to learn more about how we can give you a measurement solution with VEGA products. Visit VEGA here for more information on their measurement and instrumentation products.