VEGA | Liquid & Solid Level Measurement, Radar and Nuclear

Founded: 1950

Represented by Enpro: 1993

Headquarters: Schiltach, Germany (Americas - Cincinnati, OH)

Tagline: “Level and pressure instrumentation for the process industry.”

VEGA is an innovative global technology leader for level measurement solutions. Vega provides level measurement solutions for non-contact radar, guided wave radar, nuclear level measurement, point level switching and pressure applications. State of the art Vega technology is focused on safety, reliability and ease of installation and use.

VEGA's measurement technologies are as follows:

  • Continuous Level - Continuous level measurement is available for liquids, pastes, powders and bulk solids
  • Point Level Switching - Point level detection is available for liquids, pastes, powders and bulk solids
  • Pressure - High-precision readings for gas, vapors and liquids
  • Density - Products provide differential pressure and radiometric information
  • Signal Conditioning - Converts digital signals into measurable values 

VEGA has shown their value in the following industries:

  • Chemical – Continuous and point level detection that minimizes risk for storage tanks with highly toxic liquids
  • Energy – Solar heat from heat captured in a mirror system of a thermal solar plant is measured in order to keep the plant safe and profitable
  • Oil and Gas Offshore – Measuring the levels in the reservoir tank for hydraulic oil to properly replenish the tank and maintain optimal operations
  • Environment/recycling – Human health and environment are protected by level measurement in hazardous waste tanks
  • Pharmaceutical – Treatments require the cultivation of cells or microorganisms and accurate level and pressure measurement for a bioreactor to ensure a quality result
  • Water & Wastewater – Stormwater retention basin to measure heavy rainfall and drain the water through natural settlement via a water reservoir

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