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AmeriChem Systems

Custom designed engineered systems


Gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers and systems

A-T Controls, Inc.

Manual, pneumatic or electrically automated ball valves, controls and accessories


UV systems for a chemical-free approach to dechlorinate and disinfect process water

Butterworth, Inc.

Tank cleaning machines, systems, spray balls and accessories

AAF International

Spray header and system refurbishment

Compressed Air Technologies Compressed air system audits, evaluations and appraisals

KAMMER - High pressure, cryogenic, bellows, tank bottom, metallic and plastic body control valves

NAF - Butterfly, v-port and full port control valves

VALBART - Trunnion mounted API 6A and 6D pipeline manual and automated ball valves

VALTEK - Globe, angle, ball, rotary and intelligent valve systems including digital control products

GPI Corp

Custom fiberglass tanks and components

IKEUCHI USA Hydraulic and pneumatic precision spray nozzles and dry fog humidification systems
Lincoln Machine

Hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary mill duty cylinders


Progressive cavity, multiple screw and rotary lobe pumps


CHEMINEER - Top entry rotary mixers

GREERCO - High shear mixers (homogenizers and sanitary pipeline mixers)

KENICS - Static In-line mixer

PROCHEM - Side entry mixers

Protectoseal Tank vents, flame arresters and inert gas blanketing systems
Pulsafeeder Engineered Products

ECLIPSE - Metallic and non-metallic magnetic drive sealless pumps

PULSA and PULSAR - Diaphragm metering pumps

PULSATRON - Solenoid operated metering pumps

Red_Valve Air operated, manual and control pinch valves, knife gate valves and expansion joints

HANKISON - Refrigerated and desiccant air dryers

KEMP - Compressed air dryers and flame arrestors

PNEUMATIC PRODUCTS - Compressed air purification equipment

Tescom Pressure regulators, controls and systems
Top Line

Hygienic stainless steel process equipment

TRICOR Coriolis Technology

Coriolis flow and density meters, transmitters and displays

 Warren Rupp, Inc.


Air operated diaphragm pumps in plastic and stainless steel construction